Clean-up North Portland

Clean-up, Graffiti Removal, & Beautification

Annual Spring Neighborhood Clean-ups

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Each spring, volunteers work together to clean up their neighborhood. Neighborhood Associations receive a small amount of money from the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability in order to pay for dumpsters, equipment, and food for volunteers. Metro makes a significant contribution by waiving disposal fees at the transfer station. To find out how you can participate, contact NPNS Clean-up Coordinator Teri Thomas Petersen.

Timelines, information and Forms for Neighborhood Associations Sponsoring a Clean-up Site

Timeline & Other Requirements (only NPNS approved organizations)

Metro Disposal Voucher (only NPNS approved organizations)

Final Clean-up Report Form (only NPNS approved organizations)

Clean-up Invoice Template (only NPNS approved organizations)

Livability Teams

Several Livability Teams have formed in the NPNS district. With financial and staff support from NPNS and the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, neighbors gather on a regular basis to clean up trash and remove graffiti. After each clean-up, neighbors gather for food and conversation. To find out how you can participate in your neighborhood, contact NPNS Project Manager Doretta Schrock.

Graffiti Removal

Through the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, NPNS has provided funding for the past several years to community run graffiti removal and preventions projects. Although no anti-graffiti funding is expected in 2014, NPNS can assist in providing graffiti removing materials. To find out more contact NPNS Project Manager Doretta Schrock.