Community Networks

Network of Community Associations

Neighborhood Associations and Community Building Groups in the NPNS district are independent non-profit organizations with self-identified missions, goals, and boundaries, but work together in several ways.

North Portland Neighborhood Chairs Network

Leaders of the 11 neighborhood associations meet on the first Monday of each month to establish coalitions of interest and educate themselves through peer training. The meetings are not designed for outside speakers or agendas, but instead to allow leaders to set their own agenda, caucus among themselves, seek mutual assistance and organize around issues and projects important to their neighborhoods For more information, contact NPNS Director Tom Griffin-Valade.

North Portland Land-Use Group (NPLUG)

Representatives from the 11 neighborhood associations meet monthly to learn more about land-use, transportation, and environmental issues with the purpose of seeking mutual assistance and to help neighborhood associations make more informed decisions. This group is co-facilitated by NPNS and the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability North Portland Liaison. For more information, contact NPNS Associate Program Director Mary Jaron Kelley .

North Portland Parks Committee

Representatives from the 11 neighborhood associations meet monthly to identify and prioritize Parks and Open Space issues with the purpose of seeking mutual assistance and to help encourage the City to work with the community in developing the best park facilities and programs to serve the district. Staff from the Parks Bureau attends as a resource. For more information, contact NPNS Associate Program Director, Doretta Schrock.

North Portland Public Safety Action Committee (PSAC)

Representatives from the 11 neighborhood associations and interested residents meet monthly with the command staff of the North Police Precinct to become better informed about public safety issues and crime prevention. An important part of the commitment of Community Policing, PSAC also serves as a clearinghouse for public safety issues in the 11 neighborhoods.

Coalitions of Interest

At the direction of the 11 neighborhood associations, coalitions of interest are established and coordinated by NPNS. These coalitions provide a vehicle for district-wide advocacy along with the opportunity for peer support and training.

North Portland Neighborhood Services, Inc

North Portland Neighborhood Services, Inc. members include the 11 NPNS neighborhood associations along with 19 other independent community groups. NPNS, Inc. members are part of an active network involved in community building work in North and Northeast Portland. A representative of each of these groups, serves to make up the NPNS, Inc. board of directors. Members are engaged in mutual support, coalitions of interest, and peer training. Member associations of NPNS, Inc. receive insurance coverage (general liability insurance, directors & officers insurance, and volunteer project accident insurance). Without NPNS, Inc., many groups would not be able to afford this costly insurance coverage on their own.

NPNS, Inc. member organizations: Abbey Arts, Arbor Lodge NA, Bridgeton NA, Camp ELSO, East Columbia NA, Friends of Baltimore Woods, Cathedral Park NA, Friends of Overlook House, Friends of Overlook Bluff, Hayden Island Neighborhood Network,  Kenton Business Association, Kenton NA, Lester Viles Fund, North Portland Tool Library, North Portland Community Works, npGREENWAY, Overlook NA, Piedmont NA, Portsmouth NA, Roosevelt HS Alumni Boosters, St Johns NA, University Park NA, Vanport Mosaic, Viva La Free and YaYA Resources.

NPNS, Inc. is an Oregon non-profit corporation separate from, but served by, the North Portland Neighborhood Services office. For more information, contact NPNS Director Tom Griffin-Valade.

For NPNS, Inc. Members: Form for Annual Event, Activity, & Compliance