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NPNS Resources for Community Building Projects

North Portland Neighborhood Services Directory of Local Funds

There may be funds available to help get your community idea off the ground. Since 1998, NPNS grants alone have leveraged over $2.75 million dollars of funding for North Portland projects. Help for projects in the NPNS district is available. NPNS staff provide advice and assistance to groups involved in fund development through counseling and community training workshops.

North Portland Community Works Fiscal Sponsorship

North Portland Community Works (NPCW) provides fiscal sponsorship that offers needed financial oversight for many start-up community building projects. With its 501 (c) (3) federal tax status, NPCW has sponsored many grass-roots inspired projects. NPCW helped kick start Oregon’s first tool library, along with many smaller one time projects like the North Portland Oktoberfest fund raiser for Ockley Green School art programs and larger scale projects like the award winning Harper’s Playground.