Meeting & Event Space

North Portland Facilities for Meetings and Private Events

NPNS has worked with community groups to preserve historic buildings in North Portland, the Historic Firehouse in Kenton and the Overlook House. At one time these buildings were abandoned or set to be sold for private use. In both cases, community members stepped up to advocate for their preservation as community operated facilities. The Historic Kenton Firehouse and the Overlook House are facilities now available for community meetings and events.

The Historic Kenton Firehouse

This century-old historic firehouse main hall holds up to 49 and is available for community meetings as well as rental for private events. A naturescaped pesticide-free side yard with rain gardens captures 100 percent of the runoff from the roof and impervious surfaces. Powered by an 8.8 kW photovoltaic solar system and heated by a geothermal heating system, the Historic Firehouse also houses the offices of NPNS upstairs and the North Portland Tool Library in the basement.

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The Overlook House

When the City proposed selling the Overlook House, the Overlook Neighborhood Association offered a counter proposal. Today, the Friends of the Overlook House successfully operate the Overlook House community center. Overlooking the Fremont Bridge and downtown Portland, this venue with its formal garden is popular for weddings and other private rental events. It is also available for meetings and offers programs for the community.

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June Key Delta House

Resurrected from an abandoned gas station by volunteers from the local June Key Delta chapter, this community center across from the Peninsula Park rose gardens is now recognized as one of the most sustainable buildings in Portland. It holds up to 50.

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Columbia Cottage

Operated by a volunteer board, The Columbia Cottage in Columbia Park holds up to 75.

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Portland Parks & Recreation

In the NPNS district the Portland Parks & Recreation operates Community Centers with meeting space for rent.

Peninsula Park Community Center.

Charles Jordan Community Center

St Johns Community Center

City of Portland BES Water Pollution Control Lab

Two meeting rooms are available for community meetings on a limited basis.

Call 503.823.5600 for more information.


Portland Public Schools have meeting space available for rental. Contact the school directly for more information.

The University of Portland rents both small and large meeting space. Call 503.943.7523 for more information.

Churches in North/Northeast Portland offer space for community group meetings. Contact the church directly for more information.

Libraries in St Johns (503.988.5397) and Kenton (503.988.5370) have meeting rooms available  for community group meetings.

Institutions like Kaiser Town Hall in Overlook (503.285.9321), New Columbia Community Center in Portsmouth, Bridge Meadows (503.953.1100), and others offer public meeting rooms.