Block Parties

Guide to Hosting a Block Party

Get to know your neighbors and foster a sense of community on a hyperlocal basis- host a block party! Typically, these are street parties at which all of the neighbors are invited to enjoy food, conversation, music and activities together. Sometimes it is just an opportunity for neighbors to take time out of their busy lives to get to know each other. Block Parties may also have a more structured purpose. For example, the first Tuesday of every August when dozens of Block Parties are held as part the Crime Prevention program, National Night Out.

What steps do I take to close my street for a Block Party?

The City of Portland requires that you get a permit to close your street. These permits are issued without charge by the Portland Bureau of Transportation. Information and applications in English, Spanish, Vietnamese Russian, Mandarin, and Somali  are available online.

Amplified Music at a Block Party?

If your Block Party will include music that is amplified, you will need to obtain a noise permit from the City of Portland Bureau of Development Services. Note: If you are hosting a National Night-Out Block Party, you may be eligible to have the fee waived for an amplified noise permit.

Street Closures for non-Block Party Community Events

Block parties that involve multiple blocks, street fairs, parades, and other larger events that involve closing streets, require a City of Portland Community Event Street Closure Permit. These permits require a fee and general liability insurance coverage. The Portland Bureau of Transportation handles these permits directly.

Who can I contact for Block Party Help?

NPNS  has the information you need to get started.

Block Party Street Closure Information and Permit Application

Amplified Noise Information and Permit Application

Community Event Street Closure Information and Permit Application