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Portland Maps

Portland Maps
This City of Portland website offers a wealth of information about each address in the City.

Neighborhood by Neighborhood Statistics

The most current census statistics for each neighborhood in the NPNS district:
Arbor Lodge Neighborhood

Bridgeton Neighborhood

East Columbia Neighborhood

Cathedral Park Neighborhood

Hayden Island Neighborhood

Kenton Neighborhood

Overlook Neighborhood

Piedmont Neighborhood

Portsmouth Neighborhood

St Johns Neighborhood

University Park Neighborhood

North Portland Libraries

Multnomah County Research Librarians are trained and available to assist community and personal research on line, by phone, or in person.

St Johns Branch, 7510 N. Charleston, 503.988.5394
Kenton Branch, 8226 N. Denver Ave., 503.988.5394
North Portland Branch, 512 N. Killingsworth St., 503.988.5394

Historic Resources

Historic Records & Photos

City of Portland Archives Search has many historic documents and photos available online related to North/Northeast neighborhoods.

Oregon Historical Society Search

Historic Preservation

Architectural Heritage Center and The State Office of Historic Preservation offer resources for historic preservation in Portland.