Equipment for Projects

Equipment at NPNS

Over the years, NPNS has acquired equipment to assist groups in their community activities and events. Some of our programs also have equipment available to residents. Most are loaned free of charge with the understanding that damaged or lost material will be replaced by the borrower.

NPNS equipment available for your community idea, project or meeting

  • Outdoor Movie Equipment including 12 x 12 foot outdoor screen, projector, projector table, DVD player, outdoor speakers and speaker stands, and cables (a refundable deposit fee of $250 is charged)



  • Projector (a $10 per use fee is charged to fund replacement of the projector bulb)
  • Public Address System including microphones, amplifier, & speakers
  • Audio Broadcast System (8 Unit) for use by multiple interpreters or hearing disabled
  • Outdoor Event Lights
  • Overhead Projector
  • Folding Metal Chairs
  • Folding Tables
  • Large Beverage Container
  • Food/Beverage Cooler
  • Childcare Activity Box
  • Sound Measurement Monitors
  • Hot Pots
  • Traffic Cones


What equipment is available for NPNS district residents?

Noise Monitors

NPNS has a limited number of noise monitors that are loaned out to residents who are investigating excessive noise. The monitors measure sound in decibels. Measurements taken can provide guidance as to violation of the City of Portland Noise Code. These are checked out free of charge for one week at a time on a first-come, first-served basis.

Home and Garden Tools

The North Portland Tool Library in the basement below the NPNS offices at the Historic Kenton Firehouse lends tools and provides trianing on their use to North Portland residents. Like many programs NPNS works with, the North Portland Tool Library is operated by a volunteer board that depends on volunteers and donations of funds. You can find out what tools are available and how to borrow them at Residents in Northeast Portland have access to another independent not-for-profit tool library. Find more information about the Northeast Tool Library at

How do I to check out equipment from NPNS?

Except for loaned Noise Measuring Monitors, Equipment at NPNS is reserved for our affiliated programs. If your project is not affiliated, check in with us to see how your group or project might qualify to check out equipment.

For groups, fill out the fillable NPNS Equipment Checkout Form at least two weeks in advance and submit by email to NPNS.

Find out if the equipment you are looking for is available by searching the NPNS Equipment Checkout Calendar. You will receive an email confirming availability along with instructions about making payment and deposit, if any, and instructions on pick-up and return. Pick up and return can only be scheduled during office hours and your group must be able to move and load equipment without assistance from NPNS staff.