About Us

The North Portland Neighborhood Services Community

North Portland Neighborhood Services (NPNS)

North Portland Neighborhood Services (NPNS) staff work with grassroots organizations and community building projects that engage residents in the 11 NPNS neighborhoods. NPNS is one of seven regional neighborhood offices funded by the City of Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement. NPNS staff work at the direction of the community and without charge providing organizational, technical, material, and financial assistance and support.

North Portland Neighborhood Services doesn’t solve problems or initiate ideas, but rather works with you and your neighbors to move community ideas forward and solve issues that often don’t receive the attention they should. North Portland Neighborhood Services’ small staff has over 50 years of combined service working for neighborhoods This experience has produced a unique knowledge of North Portland, an effective record at community building and important access to City Hall.

NPNS has successfully incubated many new programs that have gone on to make significant impact in the community. We are always open to new ideas that will engage grassroots efforts to make North/Northeast Portland a great place to live, play, and work. Contact us with your ideas!