The City of Portland Neighborhood Program turns 40

February marks the 4oth anniversary of the City’s neighborhood program. On February 7, 1974 the Portland City Council passed an ordinance creating officially recognized neighborhood associations and a bureau to assist these groups, the Office of Neighborhood Associations (today know at the Office of Neighborhood Involvement).

Activists involved in the 95 neighborhoods officially recognized by the City and ¬†serving the entire population and area of the City of Portland, have been engaging their neighbors in community building projects and civic engagement that have made a difference; from the early days of setting the stage for light rail having blocked the proposed Mt. Hood freeway to recently raising over a million dollars in two years to build the City of Portland’s first inclusive park, Harper’s Playground.

North Portland’s 11 neighborhood association have a proud record of accomplishment and engagement over these 40 years and continue to make North Portland a great place to live, work and play.


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