Planning Bureau Recruiting Community Involvement Committee Members for the Comprehensive Plan

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is currently recruiting Portlanders to fill vacancies on an existing Community Involvement Committee for the Comprehensive Plan and three new advisory committees as the project moves into Task 5: Implementation. Community members and technical experts are needed for the Transportation System Plan, Mixed Use Zoning Code Project and Campus Institution Zoning Update advisory committees. More information about these projects, applications and key contacts are included below.


Please share this information and the links below with anyone in your communities that might be interested. Please don’t hesitate to let me or the designated contacts know if you have any questions. Thank you!!


New Advisory Committees Forming:

Transportation System Plan: The Bureaus of Transportation and Planning and Sustainability have initiated the process to establish a Transportation System Plan Expert Group as a component of the City’s Comprehensive Plan update. You may have already indicated your interest, which has been forwarded to the Bureaus, but there is a required application process for interested community members. The link to the application and to information about the TSP Expert Group is: Deadline is November 8, 2013. Please contact Courtney Duke 503-823-7265 or Rachael Hoy 503-823-9715 with questions.

Institutional Zoning Project: This project will develop new campus institution zoning procedures and standards, and identify infrastructure investments that could facilitate institutional employment growth. The on-line application and description of the Advisory Committee scope of work can be found here: Deadline is November 22, 2013. Please contact John Cole 503-823-3475 with questions.

Mixed Use Zones Project: The Mixed Use Zones Project will develop new mixed use planning and zoning designations that can be applied to implement the Centers and Corridors concepts that emerged with the Portland Plan and proposed with the Comprehensive Plan. The project will focus on the City’s commercial and central employment zones, and the places outside the central City where these zones are applied. The on-line application and description of the Advisory Committee scope of work can be found here: . Deadline is December 6, 2013. Please contact Barry Manning 503-823-7965 with questions.

Existing Community Involvement Committee recruitment:

Community Involvement Committee: This is an existing committee that is filling vacancies. As a member you will review and provide input on the public involvement efforts for the Comprehensive Plan Update. The advisory committee makes recommendations to the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) and project staff on ways to maintain and improve public involvement activities to ensure outreach efforts for the plan are as inclusive and effective as possible. Click here to learn more about this committee and fill out an application: Deadline is November 1, 2013. Please contact Marty Stockton (503-823-2041) for more information about this committee.

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